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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

And Let The Church Say Amen

“This is not a decision I came to lightly, and frankly it's one that I make with some sadness," Obama said.
And I’m sad as well. He was a member of that church for 20 years, and the news media forced him to leave.

Not Reverend Wright. Not Reverend Pfleger.

The news media.

They took the truth and turned it into an ugly example of how the news really isn’t as unbiased as they’d like you to think.

There isn’t anything divisive about admitting that racism still exists.

That’s the problem with America.

America’s entire history is filled with injustices that went on for years, decades, centuries, but have yet to be dealt with psychologically. The psychological damage and ramifications resulting from the "bad parts" of American history are swept under the rug and ignored, as if not talking about them will make what happened go away.

Talk to any psychologist, or any woman who has gotten her heart broken for that matter, and all of them will tell you that you don’t ever move on from something by forgetting about it. You talk about it, heal from it, and grow together.

But there are parts of America that don’t want to grow.

People who live in those “parts” are ADMITTING they don’t want to vote for Barack just because he’s Black. They are calling in to news shows across the country, being interviewed for the 11 o’clock news after primaries, putting the truth out there. They don’t want a Black man to be president. They said it. The Reverends Wright and Pfleger are just saying it in a different way.

So where’s the controversy?

Perhaps there is such an uproar because they are discussing it during church, which some expect to be a place of worship, not politics. But that reasoning, if true, is hypocritical considering how important a candidate’s religious values are to those “conservative whites.”

Many vote for those who share the same religious values as they, which is why places of worship are always stops on the campaign trail.


As I’m listening to CNN right now, correspondents are discussing his trouble reaching working-class white voters.

The word reaching does not even begin to describe Obama’s problem with a large part of America. He didn’t just not reach these voters. They didn’t vote for him because he’s Black. No amount of reaching is going to change that.

But despite the resistance to change, today is an historical day. A Black man in the United States of America is the Democratic presidential nominee.

Let me say it again, s l o w l y.

A Black man.
In the United States of America.
Is the Democratic. Presidential. Nominee.

McCain and his cronies are going to pick him, his past, and his family apart like no one has ever done before.

But we can deal with that tomorrow.

Today a Black man.
In the United States of America.
Is the Democratic. Presidential. Nominee.

And let the church say amen.


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