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Monday, May 19, 2008

I Have Such A Great Husband!

So I'm watching an episode of Rachel Ray and one of her guests starts raving about her husband and how much work he does with their newborn.

"Oh, he changes diapers and feeds her. He's SUCH A GREAT husband!"

Now I'm happy the chick has a good man and all (because as we ALL know, a good man is hard to find), but why does a man get praise for doing exactly what the woman does without praise?

(And I'm talking about praise that occurs outside of the mandated Mother's and Father's Days.)

When a woman changes diapers and feeds the baby, she's taking care of her child. She's doing what a mother is supposed to do.

But all a man has to do is heat up a bottle and he's FATHER OF THE YEAR.


When are we going to recognize the brainwashing?

When are we going to STOP believing that men aren't supposed to help with diapers, the shopping, the laundry and everything else women do without breaking a sweat?

When are we going to stop believing that when men do help, they're going above and beyond the call of duty?

*insert sarcasm*

"Oh, stop, baby. I appreciate you picking little Johnny up from day care, but you don't have to help feed him, too. You've done enough already. You can just sit on the couch and watch TV while I feed him, cook for you, and wash 3 loads of clothes all at the same time. I don't mind. You're such a good husband!"

A man is SUPPOSED to help raise his children. Praising a man for raising his child is like giving money to kids with A's when report cards come home. Like my mama used to say, "Going to school is your JOB. You are supposed to make good grades."

You don't ever hear people say "Oh, look how cute that little girl's hair is. Her mother actually combed it! I should tell Oprah about her so she can have this mother on her show!"

Okay, okay, okay. I agree that rewarding good behavior is a good thing - at times.

There's nothing wrong with spoiling and praising your significant other for being so good to you (for example), but a man doesn't HAVE to open doors or treat me with respect. True, we wouldn't be together long if he didn't, but regardless, people CHOOSE to be in those types of relationships. They are voluntary.

A child doesn't choose who his parents are.

Taking care of your child is MANDATORY. It goes without saying.

Husbands don't thank their wives for feeding their children so why do women feel the need to thank their husbands for doing the same? Can you imagine?

"Honey, thank you so much for not letting little Johnny starve today."



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