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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sexy Black Women Get No Play!

"I can't believe he kept the Black girl."

"What are you talking about?"

"On The Bachelor."

"What? The Black girl didn't get eliminated in the first round? I need to watch this!"

This is the conversation my sister and I had last week about this season's The Bachelor.

Personally, I've always felt that the executives only have a (token) Black female and *maybe* an Asian chick to appease minorities, which is why I stopped watching a long time ago, but I decided to tune in this week since, out of 25 women, "Marshana from Brooklyn" is one of six remaining.

(First a Black man running for president and now this! WOW!)

Monday night he gave "Marshana from Brooklyn" another rose INSTEAD OF the blond white chick, and when the other girls in the house found out who he chose, they were DUMBFOUNDED.

Being conscious of the cameras, they didn't say out loud that they were surprised a Black woman has lasted this long in a competition for the "love" of a white man.

I know they don't want anyone to think they are racist, but I know they are shocked that "Marshana from Brooklyn" - a Black woman - is still there.

Shoot! I am, too! (But for different reasons, of course)

Black women don't get any play on television! Reality or otherwise!

We're always the frumpy asexual chick. We're not viewed as sexy.

For example, on the TV Guide Channel's "TV's Sexiest Women of All Time" list, only two were African-American. Nichelle Nichols who played Lt. Uhura on the original Star Trek (back in the freakin' 60s!!!) and Lisa Bonet from The Cosby Show.

Lisa Bonet? Really?

(Okay, I don't like calling any of God's children unattractive, so let's say that if I were a dude, I wouldn't be knocking down her door.)

Out of 25 women on the list, only two were African-American. Why? Because we get no play!

I can't even say the list was discriminatory because there aren't any sexy Black women on TV to put on the freakin' list in the first place! (If you know of any, by all means, let me know.)

That's part of the reason I loved the show Big Shots.

Nia Long, the Sexy Black Woman, was in a relationship with a FINE white man, Michael Vartan. (Now Michael was cute on Alias, but something happened between then and now. Brotha got a new kinda swagger and had me looking at him in a different light. Maybe it was the Sexy Black Woman on his arm......)

Sexy Black Men always get play on television. (There may not be many of them on TV, but the ones that are DO get play, and it's most likely from a non-Black woman.)

Black women - not so much.

Why can't there be a Black woman on television that everyone wants to be with?

I'm not saying there aren't Black women on TV. I'm saying there aren't any SEXY Black Women on television.

I LOVE the diversity on Grey's Anatomy, but the only Black woman on the show - Miranda - is the frumpy chick I was talking about. She's nicknamed the Nazi for heaven's sake!

No one's going to be pining after a Nazi!

(Granted, we've got two men - one white, one Black - going after a Sexy Black Woman on Private Practice, but that is only happening because the writer and creator of the show, is a Black female.)

While this post is all in fun, if you go to The Bachelor message boards on you'll see how nasty some posters are being towards "Marshana from Brooklyn."

They said there's no way he could really want to be with her b/c she's ugly and that she's only being kept on the show so no one will cry racism.


Sadly, the mentality that a white man couldn't possibly be attracted to a Black woman is what keeps Black women from being the one men want to be with on TV (and in real life).

And to make matters worse, next week "Marshana from Brooklyn" gets into an argument with one of the other chicks and takes that "I'm a Black Woman and I'll beat your a$$" pose - complete with flailing arms and pointed index finger.

*another sigh*

That's all right, girl. You're "Marshana from Brooklyn" and you already beat 18 of 'em! Go get your white man!


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