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Thursday, March 06, 2008


I am 29, so I was around when The Real World first started. I used to watch every season but things started to get ridiculous.

Every season they came out with exact same cast: the Black person, the gay person, the virgin, the young one, the whore, the Hispanic person, the Republican.... Sometimes they killed two birds with one stone by putting two stereotypes into one cast member, e.g. the gay virgin, the young whore, the Black Republican, etc.

After Real World Philadelphia I was pretty much through, but I still watched the Real World vs. Road Rules challenges. They were a lot more exciting and held my interest longer than who was having sex with whom in the real world house.

But since I stopped watching the Real World I didn't know the people they invited to participate in the challenges, so I wasn't as invested and eventually stopped watching those, too.

But then a co-worker informed me that Coral was back for the Gauntlet 3.

YES! I LOVE CORAL! So I had to watch.

But last night she left. She didn't get kicked off. She just left.

On the outside looking in, it does seem like she left her team in a bad place. But you've got to look at all the facts.

Yes, Coral can be a bit brash at times, but she is a good friend. She is the chick who will have your back. PERIOD. And in a competition, if she can trust you, she will stick up for you. PERIOD.

But because Coral is brash, she made some enemies this season. All of her friends who knew her from back in the day don't come out to these challenges anymore, so she comes in as a newbie. She is an old-head, but she's an old-head with no friends. There isn't anyone in the house to have her back.

Have you ever tried to penetrate a circle of friends? It's hard. They're really not trying to let you in because they've already got their group.

I've moved around a lot so I have been in Coral's situation too many times. You move to a new place and even though people are nice, they don't go out of their way to make you feel at home. They invite you places but end up ignoring you because "you" are not a part of "them." So you end up being odd-man out. And that's what happened to Coral.

So when she got word that they were plotting against her, she finally came to the realization that she was by herself.

She mistakenly thought that because she was on the same team with them they would automatically have her back.

(And isn't that, like, a major lesson in life? Just because you have something in common with people doesn't mean you can trust them. I can't trust all AKAs; I can't trust all of my family members; and I sure as hayle can't trust all Black people - although I LOVE my people.)

Coral felt betrayed and so she lashed out. I knew people would talk badly about her but they went too far.

How are they going to say she wasn't a team player when for the past few episodes they've been PLOTTING TO GET RID OF HER?

Why would she stick up for people she can't trust? They went behind her back. What else was she supposed to do? Yes, it's a competition, but still..... her teammates wanted her out. So she she left. They can't get mad because she didn't leave the way they wanted her to.

She gave them the deuces. And so have I. When Coral exited at 10:30, I cut off the TV. I have no need to watch if my girl isn't there.

*pouring out a little liquor in memory of Coral, the baddest chick to ever come across a challenge*

And on a side note - will someone please tell Nehemiah to cut his beard?! He looks homeless!


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