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Friday, January 18, 2008

Because of the History of this Country.....

"In order to take him on, they should lynch him in a back alley."

-- Kelly Tilghman, PGA Tour anchor, Golf Channel. Said in reference to Tiger Woods, who is of African decent.

After slavery was made illegal, white Southerners felt the need to come up with another way to control Blacks.

Enter the Ku Klux Klan.

To keep "order," the Klan hung Blacks from trees with nooses. Killed people without repercussions. A Black man hanging from a tree was a sign that they "ran" things. Signs like these occurred continuously for decades.

Fast forward to 2008.

Blacks and whites can use the same restrooms. Eat at the same lunch counters. Intermarry.

People today don't know anyone who was an ex-slave or anyone who had his or her life taken away by a noose.

Racism has become institutional and covert. Methodical and hard to prove.

It's not "I refuse to hire Black people." It is now "I don't think he will be a right fit for the company."

Because it's not in the open, we've become complacent. Comfortable.

So comfortable that people are willing to let a comment like "lynch him in a back alley" slide because it was "taken out of context."

She and Tiger joke around all the time. She didn't mean anything by it, right?

What kind of person uses the word "lynch" in every day discussions?

What kind of person lets the word "lynch" roll so easily off her tongue like it's no big deal?

The kind of person, perhaps, who is surrounded by like-minded individuals who also use the word as commonly as the word "Monday."

Is she a racist?

Well, imo, a racist is someone who knows he or she hates a particular race.

She and people who think her comment was taken out of context are probably people who think racism doesn't exist because we have Black CEOs and the like. They don't hate Black people. They just have either forgotten or chosen not to learn the history of this country.

I know there are some Blacks, including Tiger, who weren't offended by the comment. I couldn't care less about their ignorance.

I was offended so I'm here to school you.

You cannot talk about nooses and lynching someone and think it's okay.

Hundreds of our people died hanging from a tree. Hundreds of our FAMILY members.

Just because we may not know those family members does not make the brutality any less vicious.

Because of the HISTORY of this country (not Black history, but OUR history), there are certain things you cannot say or do in reference to Black people.

Because of the HISTORY of this country....


  • At 9:42 PM, Blogger Lawrenorder said…

    In case you have a bunch of free time and are interested in this bit of history:
    There were two PBS specials last year or the year before that might be of interest to you:

    Billie Holiday "Strange Fruit" (her voice is creepy enough, and under NO circumstances should anyone ever ATTEMPT or encourage someone else to cover this song)--This should be the song that's used as the "theme" for "The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow" if I've found the right PBS Series.

    And if you ever get a bunch of free time, hunt around the nearest University library for "Hooded Americanism" by David M. Chalmers. Trust, no sane public library is going to have a copy of this book. I got mine from my history obsessed Dad. It's an intersting read.

    As for this lady... It was for Tiger to react. Anyone else is out of line. If she generalized it, sure, go ahead, be outraged. Because she targeted, now she's just got a bunch of generally anger black folks skalking her.


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