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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Fair is Fair

After weeks of threats of a strike, the Writer's Guild of America made it official two days ago. Even after a 10-hour talk with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), which represents the studios, they decided to walk out.

An excerpt from an article is below:

"The two sides hit an impasse primarily over demands by writers for higher fees, or "residuals," derived from the sale of movies and TV programs on DVDs and the Internet. The WGA, which represents roughly 12,000 screenwriters, said it withdrew its demand for a higher royalty payment on DVDs, a demand that the AMPTP had last week described as a "complete roadblock to any further progress." But it said the studios refused to budge on such issues as payment for Internet downloads and streaming video."

Since I'm not a member of the WGA or the AMPTP, I don't know any more than what the news articles and stories tell me. I'm not in either position, so I try not to take a stance unless I'm actually IN that position.

But since this is America and EVERY FREAKIN' PERSON has an opinion even though they aren't involved, people posted comments about the strike and below is one of them.

"Americans cry too much with their stomach full. They should live in a 3rd world country, see what life is really about and not take this easy standard of life here in the U.S. for granted"

Now on the outside looking in it may seem (to some) that people are being greedy, but I don't think comparing our living conditions and wages to third world countries is enough reason for someone to NOT want more money.

If you went to your boss asking for more money and he or she said "Well, compared to that small village in Africa, you're rich and living the life, so I'm not going to give you any more money. It doesn't matter that I'm not paying you what you're worth or what you deserve. Since you're making more than all the destitute of Southeast Asia combined, I'm going to keep all the profits from the work you do - so well I might add - and go on yet another vacation."

Fair is fair. If people are being cheated out of money, they have a right to demand and get more, and if the powers that be don't want to give more money, then you can accept it, get another job, or strike.

Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike!