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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

There Are Some Things You Just Can't Take Back

The belittling of African-American women: their demotion from basketball stars to whores for doing nothing other than being African-American women, is not why I'm here.

Imus is older than rap, which emerged in the early 80s. He was alive when Black people were getting hosed in the street, arrested, and attacked by police dogs for demanding their rights during the 60s. He was there when people were murdered for trying to register Blacks to vote, so he knows what is and is not appropriate. Do not blame your actions on something or someone that is younger than you are. That's like a grown man blaming a teenager.

But I'm not here for the "Rappers say it, too" excuse, either.

I'm here to talk about the apology afterwards....

Person 1: "You forgot my birthday!"
Person 2: "I'm sorry."

Person 1: "You didn't take out the trash like I asked you to."
Person 2: "I'm sorry."

Person 1: "You called me a nappy-headed ho."
Person 2: "I'm sorry."

Somehow the apology in the last example just doesn't make it all better.

Why? Because there are some things you just can't apologize for or take back.

How do you apologize for calling someone a whore?

Seriously. Take time to think about that.

And to think that his supporters actually think that his weak apology makes it all better!

"Well, he apologized. What more do you want?"

Really? You call someone a whore and think that's supposed to make the words go away?

"I just can't win with you people."

You people? WTH does that mean? How do you apologize and then turn right back around and say something like that?

Because he isn't sorry.

Don't apologize for voicing your true feelings. Don't apologize for showing us what you really think of *us.* Newt Gingrich and Bill O'Reilly don't. And I appreciate it.

If you want, wear "I hate Black people" paraphernalia all day. Please believe I will not be offended. You'd be doing me a favor.

I'd like to be able to identify my enemies at first glance.