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Friday, January 19, 2007

"That Age" p. 2

-continued from last Friday-

Yeah, I'm still single. If you read my blog, you'd know. I've discussed the topic before. You might be thinking, "When is she going to STOP talking about being single??!!" Maybe if people STOP asking me when I'm going to have kids, it won't be on my mind as much!

Just the other day I was having a conversation with a guy who feels it's his duty to remind me (every time we talk) that the older I get, the greater the risk of having a complicated pregnancy and/or a child with health problems.

For some reason, he doesn't understand why that conversation pisses me off. "I'm just making a comment." he says. Comment, my a$$!

What do you want me to do? Go to a sperm bank??? Would that appease you?

Probably not, because then you would scold me about having a child out of wedlock.

Some women have that need to have kids at an early age (a la Britney Spears) but I have no desire to be a young mom.

Wait... young mom?

Well, I guess I am past that *young mom* age. When it comes to my body and children I'm not so young. (According to some bootleg scientific study, your body's chances of conceiving drastically plunge once you get on the other side of 25. Now because of it, women reaching *that age* are running out and trying to get pregnant with every Joe Schmoe off the street. You know - anything to slow down my biological clock!) But in my eyes, I'm still young. I haven't done enough for ME yet. I haven't had enough FUN FOR ME yet. Children are a BIG responsibility, a responsibility that I DO NOT WANT right now, even if I was married. I'm barely scraping by for one, and you want me to add another JUST BECAUSE I'm closing in on 30? You planning on pay my bills?

Seriously, though - I'm waiting on the Lord. If He wanted me to have kids by now, I'd be married. God will bless me with kids when He decides I'm ready. So stop asking me!

Friday, January 12, 2007

"That Age" p. 1

I'm at *that age* now where people look at me and my "single with no kids" status and start to wonder.....

They ask themselves, "Why isn't she married yet? By the time I was her age I had a baby sucking from each breast, a toddler on each hip, and a kid hanging onto each leg, and on top of all that I cooked, cleaned, and gave it to my man every night! These young thangs don't know how to multi-task!"

Even though more of my generation, male and female, are waiting to get married, older folks still feel that if you're not married by 30 you'll never get married, and they REALLY don't want me to be single (read: alone) for the rest of my life. So the calls start coming....

"I work with a single man your age." says my aunt. "Can I give him your number?"

Now when the first aunt said this about a year ago, I was hesitant. Her version of *attractive* may not be the same as mine, and who wants to be set up with an ugly man???

He called. And we hit it off. At first. He made me laugh (which is SUCH a big plus) but he had the habit of mixing up conversations he had with other females with me, which pissed me off. (Me: "What are you doing this weekend?" Him: "Didn't we already talk about this yesterday?" Me: "We didn't talk yesterday.") I don't care about you dating other women, but don't mix us up.


But that's neither here nor there. Even though a "hook-up" worked out at first, it still didn't make me more open to the idea of family members passing out my number. To me, that says, "She can't get a man on her own, so her family is going to do it for her."

I don't want to look desperate.

But that was over a year ago. And I haven't had a date since.

So when another aunt gave me that call a few months ago, I said "Sure!"

He didn't call.


I guess he was the one who thought I looked desperate..... If my aunt had given it to him directly, it might have been okay. But my aunt gave it to his mom. Two adults playing matchmaker for their *kids*.... not so much. I'm sure he wasn't too happy when mom came to visit with more than a plant as a housewarming gift..... "Son, I saw a picture of this girl I want you to meet....."

- to be continued -