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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Where Is The Money You Promised Me?

Remember when you were young and thought after college that you would graduate and start making all this money?

As my friends and I (who are all over the country) sit at work thinking of ways to try and scrape up enough money to meet in one place (Homecoming), I wonder what happened.....

Weren't we supposed to be *comfortable* by now? Not necessarily rich, but at least sitting pretty, able to pay all our bills and STILL have money left over to enjoy our single life as an "adult with money" rather than as a "broke college student."

WTH is this transition period? This "out of college, working, being an ADULT, but still barely getting by" period that keeps you from doing all that you thought you'd be doing by 30?

We've been DUPED, hoodwinked, double crossed. I feel betrayed!

*insert over-dramatic tear here*

No one told us about this freakin' transition period! Everyone said "Go to college and get your degree so you can make good money." Well, where the hayle is the GOOD money????? 'Cause I SURE don't have it! And neither do my friends....

Wait.... I know what it is.... it's my liberal arts degree that's keeping me from all the money!

It's that way of thinking that one degree holds more weight over another (e.g. marketing and, say, engineering) that causes such a difference in pay scale.

But do you KNOW how expensive my M.F.A. is? Do you KNOW how expensive art school is?????????

For all those naysayers out there who scoff at my art degree, please believe that one subject is not harder than another. I have a B.S. in computer science so I know about the curriculum of both sides. One is not harder than the other. They're just DIFFERENT.

Says the computer artist to the engineer: "No, I can't put together a 747, but can you put together a commercial? Direct a movie? AND make it look good?"


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