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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Where Is The Money You Promised Me?

Remember when you were young and thought after college that you would graduate and start making all this money?

As my friends and I (who are all over the country) sit at work thinking of ways to try and scrape up enough money to meet in one place (Homecoming), I wonder what happened.....

Weren't we supposed to be *comfortable* by now? Not necessarily rich, but at least sitting pretty, able to pay all our bills and STILL have money left over to enjoy our single life as an "adult with money" rather than as a "broke college student."

WTH is this transition period? This "out of college, working, being an ADULT, but still barely getting by" period that keeps you from doing all that you thought you'd be doing by 30?

We've been DUPED, hoodwinked, double crossed. I feel betrayed!

*insert over-dramatic tear here*

No one told us about this freakin' transition period! Everyone said "Go to college and get your degree so you can make good money." Well, where the hayle is the GOOD money????? 'Cause I SURE don't have it! And neither do my friends....

Wait.... I know what it is.... it's my liberal arts degree that's keeping me from all the money!

It's that way of thinking that one degree holds more weight over another (e.g. marketing and, say, engineering) that causes such a difference in pay scale.

But do you KNOW how expensive my M.F.A. is? Do you KNOW how expensive art school is?????????

For all those naysayers out there who scoff at my art degree, please believe that one subject is not harder than another. I have a B.S. in computer science so I know about the curriculum of both sides. One is not harder than the other. They're just DIFFERENT.

Says the computer artist to the engineer: "No, I can't put together a 747, but can you put together a commercial? Direct a movie? AND make it look good?"

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Let's Look At The Bigger Picture

While I don't agree with amnesty for illegal immigrants, and while I CERTAINLY don't agree with them getting healthcare that Americans AREN'T getting, I think people are forgetting about the other half of the problem: the companies hiring them.

Why is everyone (both Democrats and Republicans) forgetting about the companies? They are the ones HIRING illegal immigrants, paying them a smaller wage than Americans, yet they don't get any of the blame from the media or politicians. It's like when a woman has an affair with a married man, and the only one who gets ostracized by the community is the woman, when the man is the one who is married! WTH?

If you're going to blame people for driving down wages, blame EVERYONE involved, not just the illegal immigrants. These companies are making BIG BUCKS off of people for whom they don't have to provide health insurance or a livable wage. They need to be penalized for hiring illegal immigrants and not conducting background checks on every worker who applies for a job.

And don't give me that "It'll cost too much to do a background check for every person." nonsense. Either pay for the background check or pay the penalty for not following the law. Yes, background checks should be federally mandated. If they were, perhaps we wouldn't have as big an illegal immigrant problem.

But you know what? If not illegal immigrants in America working for pennies, it's non-Americans also working for pennies due to outsourcing. We need to focus on the companies! These companies who are claiming to be so AMERICAN. Which means the Republicans who gave the tax break to those companies outsourcing need to be ousted....

And since we're talking about illegal immigration..... why do we want to build a wall along the Mexico/US border when there isn't one at the Canada/US border? Some of you may say "Because Canadians aren't moving in here at such large numbers." But then you have to ask yourself "why not?" Is it because life is better for Canadians than it is for Mexicans? If so, THEN you have to ask yourself, why isn't Vicente Fox trying to make life better for Mexicans so they would WANT to stay in their own country???? Not only that, Fox encourages Mexicans to FLEE Mexico for the US. You're telling your own people to leave and go somewhere else???!! Something about Fox screams corruption....

Friday, October 13, 2006

This I'll Definitely Gain Weight From

Ahhhhh.... boy that Zaxby's was good! I was chomping on those fries like I was homeless and this was my one of two holiday dinners a year! Well, at least my blood sugar is back up....

Um, Will I Gain Weight From This?

About twenty minutes ago my body's blood sugar took a NOSE DIVE. I was sitting at my desk at work when I all of a sudden got incredibly hungry. So I go buy some chips out of the vending machine. Not only does that NOT help, my hands start to shake and I feel light-headed. I need sugar quick. (In my over-worked imagination I'm picturing my co-workers finding me slumped over my computer because I couldn't make it to the vending machine). So I pull out the snacks and end up eating two granola bars and a 100-calorie snack pack of Cheese Nips. The shaking has stopped but I'm still famished. I usually take my lunch at 2 but I don't think I'll make it to 2. I need to eat, like, NOW (it's noon) but then in 3 hours I'll be hungry again (I try to eat 5-6 small meals a day... my blood sugar can't take only 3 meals a day). Guess I'll be eating lunch twice today.... do you think that will count against my diet? I mean.... it's not like I was eating just to be eating.... my body NEEDED it.... lolol

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"This Is Me" Quickie #3

Why is every man I run into 5'7'' and SHORTER???? Do they not make tall men anymore?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Trifling Tendencies

As I am on my way to work this morning I catch the middle of a discussion on the rights of fathers when the parents of a child aren't married. One caller mentioned how *trifling* his baby's mother was and how she used the child to get money from him to take care of herself rather than her child.

Mothers using their children to get money is not a new thing and it happens all the time. While incredibly UNFORTUNATE for the child, I have to ask those men one thing...... If she's trifling now, most likely she was trifling before, so WHY did you not see it then?

Of course this all goes back to having sex too early (as a lot of problems in relationships do). People don't take the time to get to know those they are dating before jumping in the sack. If people would just STOP having sex so quickly and look at the situation clearly AFTER some time dating, those *trifling tendencies* would come out and you could cut your losses and run before you bring a child into the situation.

I have run into a number of both women and men who have forgotten that sex = babies. Since it doesn't happen all the time people slack when protecting themselves or making better judgments and then get *caught* with a child with a person who is *trifling*. CLEARLY folks aren't thinking back to those sex ed courses in health class back in middle school.... STDs (some that go away and some that DON'T) as well as children are the consequences of having sex.

Now, not all women are trifling. Sometimes good women make bad judgment calls and have sex with a man who ends up not supporting the child.... but I have to ask the women the same thing. Did you not see those trifling tendencies BEFORE you had sex?

(True, there has to be room for those who get pregnant at a young age who may not have known what they were getting themselves into. All sorts of stupid mistakes are made when you're young and trifling tendencies are so rampant in most high schoolers that people probably think the way his or her significant other is acting is the NORM, but having sex in high school is too soon and a whole 'nother entry, so for now I'll stick with college-age and older adults.)

I understand that you don't see all you should when in love (I'm also assuming the people having children were in love at the time they were having sex.... one night stands is YET another entry...), but that's where TIME comes in...

Time to get to know each other.
Time to see if both want the same thing out of the relationship.
Time to see if both are looking to grow (where do they see themselves in 5 years? 10? What are their goals? Aspirations?)
Time to see how they act and react when times get tough.
Time to see if he or she is the right one to bring a child into this world with....

because the child shouldn't have to be subjected to a life full of *trifling tendencies* because mommy and daddy got all hot and bothered one night and "couldn't help themselves"....