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Friday, September 08, 2006


All I Can Say is WTF...

I'm a commercial producer at a local television station in a small city in the south. Account executives (pretty name for people in sales) sell air time, I produce a new spot to advertise a client's business or event. Sometimes that requires me to travel to shoot video footage.

About two weeks ago, an account executive asks me to shoot an event the Saturday during Labor Day weekend (sometimes my job also requires weekend shoots). I already had plans to go out of town and my boss couldn't fill in, so he used his own home video camera to shoot some footage.

Today I look at it.... and all I can say is WTF. Not even a WTF question but a WTF EXCLAMATION.

*still in shock*

The footage was of an event called Elko Boggin, a professional name for what country folks call Muddin' - driving around in monster trucks in the MUD, getting themselves and their cars dirty.

The crowd is FULL of white folks in cut off shorts and confederate flag t-shirts. In the background I hear "Woo-hoo! Get-r-done!" and "Oooh-wee! That's a biggun'!"


If you can't tell by the picture off to the right, I am *black*. Do I LOOK like I would be comfortable at an event like that? Yeah, it's part of my job, and since I am a member of a race that (in numbers only) is a minority, I know there will be times where I'm the only *colored* in the room. But still. One black face in a sea of white ones, all with their "I'm proud to be a Redneck" looks on their faces - I think that would have been a little more than just UNCOMFORTABLE. This would have been a time where I was not happy to have *all eyes on me*.

Clearly, the account executive didn't think about this because nothing would have seemed out of place to him. He's white. Everyone around him is always white. People in a room full of people who look like themselves never realize that everyone looks the same until someone who looks differently comes into the room.

I called him into my office and said "You actually wanted ME to go to this?" He just looks at me with this goofy look and said "You would have had fun!"

Once again he had his blinders on. He looked at it like "She's too prissy." No. I'm too BLACK.

I will be forever grateful to the Lord that I had plans that weekend. If I hadn't, I would have gone to this event, involuntarily subjecting myself to an experience that could have been life-changing.... because *my kind ain't welcome around these parts*....


  • At 2:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    ok, dude was TOTALLY wrong for that one....Im glad you had plans that weekend too....

  • At 4:53 PM, Blogger Kuntrygirl said…

    Girl, I completely understand wher eyou are coming from. Its hard in today's society for women. Not only that but the mere fact that we are black and a woman, that's two strikes against us from the start! Its so sad but true, i like the way you stated that we are minorities only by numbers! I'm SOOOOOOOOOO Glad you had plans too!
    Great post!


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