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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

No Comments From the Peanut Gallery!

I ABSOLUTELY HATE when people who are older than I am act as if I don't know a thing because I'm younger!

Sometimes I feel the need to complain - whether it be about my job, finances, whatever. (Doesn't mean I don't know I'm blessed. I KNOW I am truly BLESSED and I thank the Lord for it everyday.) But sometimes you need to vent about the day's events.....

So after you finish your rant, here comes Mrs. I'm Going to Add My Two Cents Whether you Ask me For it or Not saying "Welcome to the real world."

WTH?? Just because I'm complaining doesn't mean that I don't know how the real world works. Just because this is my first full-time job since graduation DOESN'T MEAN I DON'T KNOW HOW THE REAL WORLD WORKS.

I'm complaining because it isn't fair. I'm complaining because I FEEL LIKE COMPLAINING, not because I'm naive. (I don't like it when people treat me as if I'm naive because it feels like they're underestimating me, and I HATE being underestimated.)

A while back I was about to be late to my part-time retail job and didn't really care, so my dad wanted to throw his two cents in "When you get into the real world you get fired for being late...." UGH! (People retire from retail jobs. Just because I didn't go to college to work in retail doesn't mean that Sears is not the real world for other people.) I had no problem being late because my boss never did.... it might be taking advantage of the situation, but it's not being naive.....

The other day I was complaining about a co-worker who was being unreasonable and someone older said "You'll find people like that wherever you go."


For some reason, older people equate young in age with being naive, immature, ignorant to life's experiences...


Sh!t happens. I understand that. But it's not fair, and it not being fair means I'm going to call a friend to vent... "Girl, guess what my boss did today!" and when I do, I don't want any "real world" comments from the peanut gallery!


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