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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It's Too Soon.....

On an old episode of Growing Pains, Mike was talking to his mother about wanting to have sex with a *hot* female he hadn't known for that long. His mother asked him "Do you care about her?" Mike said "Well, I wouldn't want to see her get hit by a truck." And then his mother said something that has stuck with me over the 10+ years: "Why would you want to have sex with someone you wouldn't want to see get hit by a truck?"

For those who didn't get it, she meant that he didn't love her, yet he was ready to share his body with her. The only thing he could say about her was "I wouldn't want to see her get hit by a truck" and that's not saying much. I wouldn't want to see my boss get hit by a truck either, but....

True, my boss is a random person and isn't the same as whoever I'm dating, but everyone should be a *random* person until a commitment has been made, yet people are sharing their bodies with *random people* all the time because *everyone* is doing it.

Which reminds me of another show....

I was watching a rerun of The Steve Harvey Show during my lunch break the other day, during which Steve and Regina were having an argument. He gave her a key to his apartment and she got scared and left because it was *too soon* in their relationship for her to have a key.

But... they were having sex.

Why is it too soon to have a key but not *too soon* to share your body?

I understand having a key means a commitment, but shouldn't making love mean the same thing?

Dating someone shouldn't automatically be the *green light* for sex. The two should talk about their relationship and make sure that both are on the same page, making sure that both are looking for a serious AND monogamous relationship.

You should hold your body (your temple) in as high esteem as you do that freakin' key (an inanimate object) to your apartment.....


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