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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

No Comments From the Peanut Gallery!

I ABSOLUTELY HATE when people who are older than I am act as if I don't know a thing because I'm younger!

Sometimes I feel the need to complain - whether it be about my job, finances, whatever. (Doesn't mean I don't know I'm blessed. I KNOW I am truly BLESSED and I thank the Lord for it everyday.) But sometimes you need to vent about the day's events.....

So after you finish your rant, here comes Mrs. I'm Going to Add My Two Cents Whether you Ask me For it or Not saying "Welcome to the real world."

WTH?? Just because I'm complaining doesn't mean that I don't know how the real world works. Just because this is my first full-time job since graduation DOESN'T MEAN I DON'T KNOW HOW THE REAL WORLD WORKS.

I'm complaining because it isn't fair. I'm complaining because I FEEL LIKE COMPLAINING, not because I'm naive. (I don't like it when people treat me as if I'm naive because it feels like they're underestimating me, and I HATE being underestimated.)

A while back I was about to be late to my part-time retail job and didn't really care, so my dad wanted to throw his two cents in "When you get into the real world you get fired for being late...." UGH! (People retire from retail jobs. Just because I didn't go to college to work in retail doesn't mean that Sears is not the real world for other people.) I had no problem being late because my boss never did.... it might be taking advantage of the situation, but it's not being naive.....

The other day I was complaining about a co-worker who was being unreasonable and someone older said "You'll find people like that wherever you go."


For some reason, older people equate young in age with being naive, immature, ignorant to life's experiences...


Sh!t happens. I understand that. But it's not fair, and it not being fair means I'm going to call a friend to vent... "Girl, guess what my boss did today!" and when I do, I don't want any "real world" comments from the peanut gallery!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Can You Smell What I'm Cooking?

I didn't jump on the eyebrow waxing bandwagon until recently. I think I was in some way boycotting getting them arched because it was just ANOTHER PAINFUL thing women do to themselves in order to look good while men sit on the couch all day and look like a sasquatch. Women get pretty much all hair waxed/shaved/lasered off their entire bodies on a regular basis (because the hair does come back) but what do men do? They MIGHT shave, but other than that, their beauty ritual consists of slapping some soap on and taking a shower.

I gave in when a co-worker raved about this particular place about two months ago. My eyebrows turned out better than okay. She did an excellent job. I was admiring myself in the mirror every chance I got. It's amazing how something as simple as an eyebrow wax can make your face look so much different. She made an arch where there is no arch (my eyebrows aren't bushy and already have a slight arch; the arch just needed to be shaped up. It's not like I was walking around with a unibrow or anything). When it came time to get them waxed again, i went to the same place.

As the same girl is about to start on me, she passes me off to someone else since a nail customer has come in.

Okay, no big deal. She should probably do as good a job as the other girl, right?

Oh so wrong.

First I ask for a new stick (they use popsicle sticks to apply the wax). She looks at me crazy and says "They're all the same."

Uhhhh, NO they aren't. I want a NEW one. I don't want the same stick you used on the previous 50 million customers. Not everyone washes their face before coming to get a wax, so whatever is on that person's face is on that stick. (Actually, since they double dip, the germs are also IN the wax, but I'm going to try not to think about that.) Plus I have sensitive skin. All you have to do is LOOK at me the wrong way and I break out, so I'd rather not have all those germs on my face from other peoples' faces. Just give me the new stick.

Since she didn't get all the hair after the first application, she puts wax on the same place AGAIN. That causes me to get extra red. (One time - at band camp - the lady waxing me kept applying to the same area and ended up burning me.) As she goes for the third application, I stop her and say "Please don't wax me in the same area too many times because I have sensitive skin and I will get extra red."

Her response is: "I know how to do eyebrows. If you do it right, you won't get red. I know how to do it."

Did I ask for any lip? WTH? Whatever happened to the customer is always right? Just do what I ask.

I guess she figured she'd better stop waxing, so she takes out her tweezers to get the hair she didn't get the first, second, or THIRD times (the wax CLEARLY wasn't as hot as it needed to be since she needed to wax the same area 3 times). I'm not happy because I don't like using tweezers on my face. Not only do I break out often, I also have a hyper-pigmentation problem, so I try to keep foreign objects that can cause stress away from my face (yeah, I didn't inherit great skin). So now I'm really pissed.

When it's time for me to pay she gets all nice with her smiles and "Thank you's". Uh-uh! It's too late now, chick. Your tip went out the door the moment you gave me attitude!

I get home and look in the mirror again, making sure I'm not TOO red, and lo and behold my eyebrows are lopsided.


I thought she "knew" how to do eyebrows?? (I did look in the mirror while I was still there, but I was incredibly pissed and ready to go; I was paying more attention to how red my face was rather than the shaping.)

THIS is another reason I didn't want to jump on the eyebrow bandwagon. If someone messes up, you are SOL until they grow back.

Yesterday was the first waxing I've had in the last month and a half! (Why it takes that long for the hair to grow back is beyond me.) Now I've got to walk around like I'm The Rock asking if you can smell what I'm cooking for the next 45 days!

Okay. It's not that bad. You can't really tell if you're not staring at my face, and like my mother always said, "If they're looking at you that closely they must love you."

So if you don't love me, don't look at me too long. I might get a little upset.....

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It's Too Soon.....

On an old episode of Growing Pains, Mike was talking to his mother about wanting to have sex with a *hot* female he hadn't known for that long. His mother asked him "Do you care about her?" Mike said "Well, I wouldn't want to see her get hit by a truck." And then his mother said something that has stuck with me over the 10+ years: "Why would you want to have sex with someone you wouldn't want to see get hit by a truck?"

For those who didn't get it, she meant that he didn't love her, yet he was ready to share his body with her. The only thing he could say about her was "I wouldn't want to see her get hit by a truck" and that's not saying much. I wouldn't want to see my boss get hit by a truck either, but....

True, my boss is a random person and isn't the same as whoever I'm dating, but everyone should be a *random* person until a commitment has been made, yet people are sharing their bodies with *random people* all the time because *everyone* is doing it.

Which reminds me of another show....

I was watching a rerun of The Steve Harvey Show during my lunch break the other day, during which Steve and Regina were having an argument. He gave her a key to his apartment and she got scared and left because it was *too soon* in their relationship for her to have a key.

But... they were having sex.

Why is it too soon to have a key but not *too soon* to share your body?

I understand having a key means a commitment, but shouldn't making love mean the same thing?

Dating someone shouldn't automatically be the *green light* for sex. The two should talk about their relationship and make sure that both are on the same page, making sure that both are looking for a serious AND monogamous relationship.

You should hold your body (your temple) in as high esteem as you do that freakin' key (an inanimate object) to your apartment.....

Friday, September 08, 2006


All I Can Say is WTF...

I'm a commercial producer at a local television station in a small city in the south. Account executives (pretty name for people in sales) sell air time, I produce a new spot to advertise a client's business or event. Sometimes that requires me to travel to shoot video footage.

About two weeks ago, an account executive asks me to shoot an event the Saturday during Labor Day weekend (sometimes my job also requires weekend shoots). I already had plans to go out of town and my boss couldn't fill in, so he used his own home video camera to shoot some footage.

Today I look at it.... and all I can say is WTF. Not even a WTF question but a WTF EXCLAMATION.

*still in shock*

The footage was of an event called Elko Boggin, a professional name for what country folks call Muddin' - driving around in monster trucks in the MUD, getting themselves and their cars dirty.

The crowd is FULL of white folks in cut off shorts and confederate flag t-shirts. In the background I hear "Woo-hoo! Get-r-done!" and "Oooh-wee! That's a biggun'!"


If you can't tell by the picture off to the right, I am *black*. Do I LOOK like I would be comfortable at an event like that? Yeah, it's part of my job, and since I am a member of a race that (in numbers only) is a minority, I know there will be times where I'm the only *colored* in the room. But still. One black face in a sea of white ones, all with their "I'm proud to be a Redneck" looks on their faces - I think that would have been a little more than just UNCOMFORTABLE. This would have been a time where I was not happy to have *all eyes on me*.

Clearly, the account executive didn't think about this because nothing would have seemed out of place to him. He's white. Everyone around him is always white. People in a room full of people who look like themselves never realize that everyone looks the same until someone who looks differently comes into the room.

I called him into my office and said "You actually wanted ME to go to this?" He just looks at me with this goofy look and said "You would have had fun!"

Once again he had his blinders on. He looked at it like "She's too prissy." No. I'm too BLACK.

I will be forever grateful to the Lord that I had plans that weekend. If I hadn't, I would have gone to this event, involuntarily subjecting myself to an experience that could have been life-changing.... because *my kind ain't welcome around these parts*....