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Monday, August 28, 2006

There Are No Do Overs in Jail

My mother was walking out of the mall not too long ago and saw two men being arrested. One was older, perhaps in his 30s, the other was "just a boy" as my mother put it. Just a boy, a boy who is so young he probably doesn't even realize what he's doing to his life. Well, he's about to learn real quick.

Do you know how many mistakes people make EVERY DAY? We mess up constantly and yet we always get "do overs". Extra time to make it right.....

People break hearts all the time: cheat on their significant others, lead others on, say "I love you" when we don't really mean it. When we realize we messed up, we ask for forgiveness, from that person and from ourselves, and then apply that knowledge in our next relationship.

We learn from our mistakes.

Freshman year: the *plus* following the D on that math test didn't cushion the blow any moreso than the grass cushioned the blow from your knee after falling off the jungle gym when you were 6. After realizing you went to one too many parties that weekend, you buckled down for the next test and studied.

We learn from our mistakes.

Remember your first car? The car you were driving when the engine fell out because it had been 10,000 miles since your last oil change? The repair cost a pretty penny, but afterwards you made sure you were in line at Jiffy Lube EVERY 2,999.9 miles.

We learn from our mistakes.

As you get older, wiser, and more mature, you realize that you will make mistakes regardless of age. You also realize you can learn from them and move on. You always get a chance to use that knowledge to not make the same mistake twice..... unless the mistake you make involves a trip to a jail cell.

Rapists, murderers, child molesters - they're all exempt from this. I'm talking about the kids who get caught up, talked into doing something illegal by their older *friends* because they were lured into the *rush*.

This isn't the movies; this is real life. There are no do overs in jail.

Women AND men get RAPED in jail, beat up, sometimes even murdered. Innocence - gone. Second chances - gone. Your life - gone. As a kid you may end up in a juvenile detention center, but those places are NOT rehabilitation centers. They're just a watered down version of JAIL and sometimes jail is where these kids turn into *hardened* criminals. The fight for survival in that type of atmosphere changes your behavior, your actions and reactions, for the rest of your life.

Instead of getting caught up in the rush, watch your *friends* and see how they act after spending time locked up. Learn from the mistakes of those around you rather than your own.

There are no do overs in jail.


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