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Monday, August 14, 2006

Pretty For No Reason

Why is it that every time a fine man steps into the lime light, rumors start flying about his sexuality?

I recently received pictures of one of the most BEAUTIFUL men I have ever seen. I mean, he is the "FINE FOR NO REASON God why did you make this man so PRETTY??!!" fine. He's so fine I was drooling all over my computer. He is so fine that he..... okay you get the picture. He is fine. On with the story....

I emailed his pictures to some friends and one of the first comments was "You do know he likes it in the butt, right?"

HUH? How do you know that? Did you see him hit on another dude? Did he TELL YOU he was gay? Did he come out on national television via a press conference? No. So how do you know?

You don't know. Folks need to stop assuming everything about people because of the way they look.

I've been subjected to the rumor mill myself so I know how hateful folks can be. Chick just up and made up something totally off the wall and it spread like wildfire. You know what that is, don't you? Mary J. said it and I'll say it too.


I'll admit - I used to be one who said "He looks gay" but after the masculine Timberland-wearing dude on Real World Philadelphia came out of the closet, I've realized I have been wrong. Not all homosexual males look pretty or act femininely.

The influx of articles and news reports about the DL phenomenon (which isn't really new, folks been on the DL for a LONG TIME now, but I digress....) has got people always on the lookout, but people can't help how they come out of the womb looking. In the end people just end up finding "homosexual tendencies" where there aren't any (like "He uses his hands when he talks so he must be gay" and "His voice isn't as deep as other men so he must be gay".)

Okay, the guy is PRETTY. Not like girl pretty, but about as pretty as a male can be without looking like a female. Pretty skin, pretty hair, pretty arm muscles, pretty..... ab muscles..... there goes that drool again.....

He could be gay; he might not. But his homosexuality is not based upon the physical genes he received from his mother and father. Like I tell everyone since my own rumor debacle - unless the person tells me that the rumor is true, then I will not be contributing to the rumor mill..... (not that I would gossip about the person if the rumor is true, but you get the point).


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