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Friday, July 21, 2006

Why Hasn't He Proposed? Because He's Stupid! Why Haven't You Left Him? He's Not Going to Change!

I recently read a "Why Hasn't He Proposed?" article in the *Relationship Rescue* portion of Essence's August issue. They have two kids (she also has two others from a previous relationship; he also has another from a previous marriage) and were living together (until she up and moved out). There's an age difference (she's 41 and he's 28).

Anyway, she's ready to get married. He's not because he feels they have *communication* issues. Let me quote what he said....

"From the beginning of our relationship, she has had certain expectations of me to which I was totally oblivious, like contributing financially to the household, helping with the kids, and prioritizing our new extended family over my lifelong friends. Instead of telling me what she needs, her favorite line is 'You should know.'"

W.....T.....F????!!!! Why does a woman have to TELL a man to contribute financially? To put his family over his friends? To FREAKIN' HELP WITH HIS OWN KIDS????!!!!

I am so THROUGH. I have NO WORDS to explain my frustrations! I need to go meditate.....


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