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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Road Rage Doesn't Scare Me! I Have It Too Mutha*bleep*!

As I'm driving to work this morning I find myself behind someone who is extremely slow, so as the car on my left begins to pass me, I get ready to get behind him. That's when the guy in the Monster Ford Truck already in the left lane starts to speed up. I guess he can sense that I'm about to get over (especially since I'm riding my brakes behind the guy driving like he's sightseeing even though it's morning rush hour).

Well, even though Monster Truck guy is speeding up, I still have room to get over (don't try to speed up to keep me from getting over, jerk <---- this is what I'm thinking) so I get over and I guess that upsets him, because he starts riding me and flashing his lights.

Sooooo...... is that supposed to intimidate me? Am I supposed to be scared of the Monster Ford Truck riding my tail with its lights on? Is that going to make me get back over? (I'm saying all this out loud looking in my rearview mirror as if guy can hear me.) I'm not going anywhere buddy!

When all 3 of us finally pass the sightseer on the right the Monster Ford Truck guy gets over. I slow down to get off my exit (which is on the left - which is why I had to be in the left lane). Because I slow down, Monster Truck guy passes me and on the back of his truck is a "W" sticker - a support the dumb-a$$ we have for president sticker.


Just like a Republican to try to force others to do what they want you to do.....

Ride my tail all you want Monster Ford Truck guy! I ain't gettin' over! (Yeah, I said *ain't*.....)


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