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Monday, July 10, 2006

Is Being Comfortable Enough?

I recently saw an ex-boyfriend who I haven't seen in years. We broke up a long time ago but have kept in contact so when I took a trip to his area, we went out.

So, how did it feel?

It felt..... familiar.

It wasn't the "OHMYGOSHI'MSTILLINLOVEWITHYOU" feeling. It was the "I'm used to being in the passenger seat of your car and it's comfortable" feeling. I liked it, and I don't like that I liked it. There are plenty of couples who are 'comfortable.'

But is being 'comfortable' enough?

Anyone who sees us together says that we fuss like an old married couple. I've noticed it and it was definitely there when we went out. We nag each other, but I don't mind the nagging. It's *familiar*....

There's that word again.

So now what?


He's not the one for me. I know that.

It's that 'familiarity' that gets people thinking what they shouldn't be "maybe" when it should be "no" or even a "hayle naw".....

It's okay to be comfortable. It's okay to be familiar. Just as long as the comfortability and familiarity in a relationship blend with passion, excitement, longing, anticipation - you know, all of the above....


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