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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Do You Speed? I Find That Kinda Sexy.....

Have you ever wondered why you find specific qualities attractive in the opposite sex?

Now, "they" say that you're attracted to what you know. For instance, my dad is retired military, and I find men in military uniforms SO SEXY! That I can understand. That's not weird, imo. A lot of women find men in uniform sexy.

But here's where it gets weird.....

I love a man who can *drive*. Not the man who drives the speed limit and doesn't know how to switch lanes (like my grandaddy), but a man who drives fast, weaving in and out of traffic. It's so.... sexy.

One time (at band camp) I'm driving down the freeway on my way to work and this guy zips past me, but I still get a chance to glimpse chocolate skin. Hmmm. Already I'm intrigued. As I watch him weave in and out of traffic, I'm even more intrigued, so I decide to speed up to get a better look (which doesn't take much because I drive fast, too). I pull up beside him and look over to find chocolate skin AND a bald head. "Hey, what's your name? You're speeding and I find that kinda sexy...."

I also love men in SUVs. You don't have to have an expensive 745 or S-class for me to like you. Just pick me up in a big and powerful SUV and I will definitely be attracted.

I have a co-worker who is attractive, but I never found him *sexy* until last week after work when I saw him STEP UP into an SUV. All of a sudden his sexiness factor jumped about 10 points!

Another attractive co-worker of mine was driving a late model Explorer, so of course he was sexy to me. Turns out, that wasn't his car. He was borrowing it while his was getting fixed. When I saw his own car, his sexiness factor dropped... not because of the car (I don't care how much your car costs), but because he no longer had that powerful aspect anymore. (And I'm not saying that if you don't drive an SUV you won't be attractive to me, so don't get all up in arms. It just ADDS to the sexiness.... and addition is so much *sexier* than subtraction....)

A friend of mine was called the N-word after a car accident and when she called to tell us what happened, a male friend of mine went out to see if she was okay as *backup.* His actions said "Don't worry. I got you." Him as backup - quite sexy.....

Honestly, I think it's that powerful quality that causes women to go for thugs. *Nice guys* are always saying "Women say they want a man to treat them right, but they always go for thugs." The situation is not that easy, though.

What women WANT is a manly man. We want a man who knows how to take charge AND treat us like the Queens that we are. We want someone who can be a protector but also a nurturer, a shield and a supporter, a guardian and a guardian angel. That's *sexy*.....


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