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Monday, June 12, 2006

This is Just the Beginning

Last week Tuesday I was complaining to my mom about my current job situation. I have two and even with those two I'm still struggling, living check to check. My second job is in retail, and since retail is a weekend business, we're only allowed to ask off one weekend a month. Plus, we're not allowed to NOT work weekends. We can't just say "I only want to work M-F". It doesn't work like that. So when a friend calls at the last minute on a weekend and says "Let's go here" my answer always is "I can't. I have to work." Any and all type of fun I have on MY weekends has to be planned in advance. There's no room in my life for any spontaneity. I'm 27 wasting my life away working 7 days straight. So you can imagine my frustration.

So as I was saying.... last week Tuesday I was complaining to my mom about my jobs and being broke. Last week Wednesday I received a promotion. Yes, I do get a raise (maybe now I can afford that $19 electric mixer at Wal-Mart rather than mixing my homemade muffins with a spoon - lol). It's not a massive amount but it is enough to keep me from struggling. Maybe now I can start saving. But the main reason God is so good is that this is a management position. I was promoted to a management position within one year of working here, my first REAL job (outside of the summer jobs - I went to grad school right after undergrad.) This job wasn't even supposed to be mine. When I was hired, my boss admitted that my references didn't even call him back, but, in his words, "My work speaks for itself." God has been 'all up and through' this job (as He is with everything else). At the risk of sounding cliche, God makes the impossible possible. I have no words except "Thank you, Lord." I know God has a plan for me, and this *pointing at everything around me - meaning everything going on in my life* is just the beginning....


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