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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New to the Blog thing

Okay. I've been putting off this blog thing for a while... never thought I'd have something to talk about. I also thought I'd never have the time. Well, my work day has become a little mundane and my yahoo isn't working, so I figured I might as well. It was either that or create a myspace account and I REALLY didn't feel like doing that.

So I'm here. What's going on with me, you may be asking? Absolutely nothing. I guess you could say I'm stuck in a rut. I recently visited DC and had more fun than I actually thought I would. It was so good to see my friends (haven't seen them in 7 years - it was a reunion of sorts) and it was nice to be able to go somewhere at 3 in the morning b/c everything is open. I mean, where I live, the movie theater doesn't even have midnight movies! The last showing is, like, at 10 pm.

This past Saturday night I was in my house, going through my phone book, trying to find someone to talk to, and no one answered their phones! Why? Because they all have lives!

LOL. Okay, I'm not as pitiful as I sound....really. I just get a little bored sometimes and need to vent and my friends (who live in other cities) are tired of this rant b/c I give it to them all the time. Now it's some unknown person's time to listen to the problems with my nonexistent social life.

But all jokes aside.... I don't think people realize how important a social life (or having some type of social outlet) is to a person's well-being.

Not having:
1. friends to go out with
2. places to actually go out
3. a person you can discuss your everyday feelings with who is in the same city
4. Christian companionship
can, over time, bring a person down.

I definitely feel God brought me to this city so I can attend a specific church. This church is making moves in this city and attending has helped me grow in Christ. But going home to an empty apartment every night with no one to talk to... it wears me down. I have heard people say "I wish I could be somewhere by myself without *insert names here* around to bug me all the time." Trust me, you don't. Even some of the strongest people (strong as in emotionally, spiritually, and mentally) need others. I honestly think this type of situation, when it happens to people who don't have that type of strength, does cause people to 'snap'. Whenever you hear about kids/people shooting up places, and then when those in the area are interviewed, they always say "Well, I didn't know him much. He was a loner... kept to himself..." (Notice I said "he" - because generally men are crazy. LOL) People in general need other people.

Okay, now that I have you all thinking I'm going to shoot up the place or that I'm crying into my pillow every night (LMBO) it's time for me to go and do some work. It's not that bad.... trust me. Just needed to vent....


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