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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Men Made That Up!

Men, sex, and the double standards that exist in today's society...... It is absolutely RIDICULOUS some of the things men get away with because people (both men and women) subscribe to the idiotic notion that 'boys will be boys'. This belief lets men get away with anything and keeps them from accepting responsibility for their actions. The "Boys will be Boys" mantra was created by males and since men can be quite persuasive, they have made women believe the same thing. People wake up! Double standards that exist today exist because men MADE IT UP.

Myth #1
Women who sleep with men on the first date are sluts and probably give it up to every Tom, Dick, and Harry (or Jamal, Rashad, and LeShaun) they go out with.

Truth: Men made that up! Now, don't get it twisted. I'm not condoning sex on the first date at all! That's a little too free for my taste, especially considering the number of STDs out there. But for example's sake..... if a woman is a whore/slut/harlot for sleeping with you on the first date, then that makes you a whore/slut/harlot as well because you slept with her. Men act like they have no control over their penises. You sleep with who you want to sleep with. If you think she's a whore and you still sleep with her, then you're a whore, too!

Myth #2
Women should cook and clean for their husbands.

Truth: Men made that up! They just don't want to do any work! Raising kids, cooking, and cleaning are A LOT of work! Men know that and don't want to have any part of it! Now, granted, times are different than when our parents and grandparents grew up. The jobs that women were able to get were limited (this is also the man's fault - women were not ''allowed'' to get certain jobs because they were female - but that's a whole 'nother subject). Also, some families were fortunate enough that the man made enough money so the wife didn't have to work (although this didn't apply to black folks), so it was okay for her to stay at home and cook and clean because she didn't have another job. But times have changed (seemingly) and women are going to college and getting degrees as well. Both the wife and husband are working 40+ hours a week, bringing home competitive salaries, but yet the woman is STILL expected to raise the kids, cook, and clean BY HERSELF. Just because she was born without a penis. WHATEVER. A male friend of mine said of his girlfriend (they had 2 kids and were living together) "Yeah she has to cook and clean because I pay the bills!" I looked at him like he was crazy and said "SO???!!! You BOTH stand on your feet working 40 hours a week. The ONLY difference between you and her is that you write the check!" That shut him up! Like I tell those men who are ready to settle down and look at me as the potential wife (because I've always been the 'wife' type - that's why I never dated when I was younger; men knew I wasn't going to give it up): "Please don't think that just because I'm female that I will be doing all the work around the house. You help dirty the house - you will help clean it up. You help make the babies - you will help raise them. You help eat food - you will help prepare it."

Myth #3
When men sleep with a whole lot of females, he's a stud.

Truth: Stud my a$$! Men made that up! Personally, if you've had that many partners, it's definitely time for me to move on. I'm not about to die from STDs or any crazy baby mamas stabbing me in the neck because she's mad you can't pay your child support or you slept with her and moved on to the next one and blah blah blah, all because you can't keep your penis in your pants.

Myth #4
Men, once they've sowed their oats, are allowed to only want virtuous women who haven't had a large sexual history.

Truth: WTF???? You know good and well men made that up! Men actually have the nerve, with their 30+ partners, to pursue a woman BECAUSE she hasn't had that many partners. Tell me, fellas - if this woman is VIRTUOUS, what in the hayle makes you think that she WANTS you, a man with more sexual conquests than the friendly neighborhood prostitute???!!!

Myth #5
Women should 'give it up' after a man paid for her 'dinner and a movie'

Truth: So what you're saying is, my body - my TEMPLE, or for those people who don't understand how Godly a body is - my coochie, is only worth $50 and a night on the town????


Recently, a man was accused of rape and his mother actually had the nerve to say "Well, if she hadn't walked around in those skimpy clothes, this wouldn't have happened." What???? Your son VIOLATED a woman and you have the nerve to blame it on her?

"She seduced me."

"She's pregnant because she was trying to trap me."

We're all grown here, right? Men need to start taking responsibility for their actions and their penises. Unless rape/incest is involved, it takes TWO consenting adults to engage in sexual activity that at times produces a baby. You did learn that in health class, didn't you? Or did you fall asleep during that part of the movie and really had NO IDEA that consequences of sex include STDs and, of course, CHILDREN (who need to be raised with love, care, and discipline by people who love them, not people who conceived them during a one night stand)

No ladies. Men will not be men. No fellas. Men will not be men. That phrase is a cop out made up so men don't have to take responsibility for their actions. Ladies - stop letting them get away with it! Men - stop trying to get away with it. Have some respect for yourself and others. I mean, the way you have treated women may not bother you, but if some dude was treating your mother/sister/daughter that same way, I'm sure you'd be upset. Remember - that woman you pretended to love just to get sex, that woman you cheated on, all of them are someone's mother/sister/daughter, too..... and what goes around comes around....


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    Great Post! I'm not anti women, so I can say it's quite funny, and mostly true!

    I'm back.


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