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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Justification of "Making 'em Legal"

Montel Williams is on and he said something that I agreed with and also didn't agree with. He said that he gets upset b/c the only people America is trying to 'get rid of' is people of color. There are illegal immigrants in America from Russia, Yugoslavia, England, but because they are white, no one says anything. That I agree with. People may say it's not about race but this is ALL about race.

After that he said, if all illegal immigrants were to be arrested today, you would walk into your neighborhood grocery store and there would be no one to ring you up; at your neighborhood hotel there'd be no one to clean the bathrooms because Americans don't want to do that type of work or don't want to work hard.

I REALLY HATE that argument. It's not about not wanting to do the work. It's about these American corporations who don't want to pay a salary or hourly wage that is equal to the cost of living. I would have no problem with working hard, just pay me what I need to live. Rent, gas, and the price of pretty much everything keeps going up but the money we get paid is stagnant, and in some professions, has even gone down.

I also hate that argument because I think it's degrading. It associates that type of work with a certain race/ethnicity, as if that's all that race/ethnicity can do. "Be nice to him. He mowed your lawn yesterday." WTH??? Am I the only one who thinks that's disrespectful?

A third reason I hate that argument is because our grandparents and parents busted their butts and told us "Go to college so you don't have to work as hard as we have." I went to college and got a Master's degree so I wouldn't have to break my back just to make a few dollars. So what if we don't want to work that hard!!! It doesn't mean that we're lazy! We're just following the advice of our parents and grandparents. We went to college so we could sit at a desk rather than standing on our feet at McDonald's. We get a degree to better ourselves and then people want to get on us about what type of work we do and do not want to do. That doesn't fly with me!

If the government would make it illegal for businesses to hire people without documentation I definitely believe it would help alleviate the problem. You can't blame them for doing whatever they need to do to make better lives for their families, but that's what we're ALL trying to do. 50 years ago and 50 years from now the story will be the same - we'll do what we need to do to pay the bills. but don't give illegal immigrants citizenship on the pretense that they do work we don't want to do. We live here so we know what we should be paid. And pennies ain't it....


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